A Bit of Madness

Life has been both busy and relaxing in the last few weeks. Work has been a bit of madness since I switched to work at home/changed my role. The last 2 months has had my team doing everything to provide critical support for other business lines and I actually haven’t been doing much (if any) of the job I was “promoted” (same job title, more responsibility) to do. But come June 1st (2nd really) we kick off a revamped, improved version of our process and I start doing my actual job.

The running has been happening, not forced still but my biggest problem has been the shoe situation. Mizuno completely revamped their product line and got rid of 3 of my favorite shoes. The new styles are completely wrong for my foot. I was managing well but as my body stopped tolerating others, my Mushas became my #1 shoe. A racing flat shouldn’t be anyone’s #1 shoe…cue the slight return of the plantar fasciitis (PF) and my Achilles issues. *Insert expletive here* I’ve been around this block a time or two and both are still in a manageable phase so I’m okay…for now.

The hunt for a current shoe that I can do any mileage in continues. I’ve added Kinvara 4s, New Balance 1600 V2s and 2 pairs of On (Cloudster and Cloudrunner) into my rotation. The Kinvaras and 1600s were returned within a few runs each. The Ons are still hanging in my closet. I have cleared out my shoe closet and shoes (with no to low mileage) have been sold on eBay and a spare pair of Mizuno Elixirs (which my foot started to hate again) were returned. The quest for a shoe that works when your body undergoes some changes and the shoe manufacturers change their shoes is frustrating, to say the least.

Life otherwise has been good. Went up to Boston over the long weekend with Brian to see my family. There truly is no place like home. So great to spend time with everyone. Lobster rolls, walking up and down Newbury and Boylston, fish tacos and a mojito on a sunny patio, Nordstrom Rack, visiting Old North Church + Paul Revere House (almost 5 year old nephew’s request), canolis, brunch and miles on the streets I ran on in high school are absolutely my favorite things. We capped the weekend off with a joint birthday party for my 2 year old niece and 5 year old nephew. And a friendly game of croquet.

In other news, our lease is up August 1st and the looming question of “what do we do next?” is much up in the air. Since I work from home and committed to work out of this location for 6 months, moving gets a bit more complicated. Brian and I agreed we wouldn’t move out of our current place until after our trip in mid-late August to keep things less chaotic. But then we get into getaway weekends for half marathons and the marathon, so really it’s more late October or we move in mid-July. Hmm decisions.


Boston, you’re my home




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