A Whirlwind

So much for trying to blog once a week, oops.

There have been so many things up in the air since May and I have been so incredibly stressed. I’m very much Type A and I can only “go with the flow” so much. Many, many things were out of my control and I had to wait, very patiently for things to unfold. And yet, not everything is solidified yet.

In early June, our landlords asked what we were going to do when our lease ended on July 31st. We love our place, but Connecticut is just not my home. Our goal was to move to Massachusetts in the fall…after our vacation, marathons and once life settled down a bit. Our landlords are getting married in the fall and decided we didn’t get the option to go month-to-month. It was another year or we vacate at the end of July. I didn’t understand (seriously we are excellent tenants + guaranteed money) and was honestly angry for a little while.

We threw much caution to the wind and told them we would vacate. Brian and I put all of our energy and time into our relocation. We were moving for me exclusively – he has never lived outside of Connecticut and has been at the same job for 10 years. Seriously, he was leaving everything behind (including his family) because it would make me happy. I think calling him a keeper is a bit of an understatement.

Initially, I started looking for other jobs because all the “rules” for my work at home position would be broken if I did move. We started scoping out places to live, paying special attention to neighborhoods (running routes/safety) + gyms/fitness studios.

A few weeks ago, I realized that I needed to tell work I was moving. It was a big risk – if they told me I couldn’t transfer, I was out of a job, benefits and would lose all vacation time acquired (we don’t get paid out upon termination, oof). I told my boss and it was an “Okay, when?!…you need to do everything yourself”. So I get to keep my job and will be able to drive to one of our offices in case of power outages, etc.

That same day, I found out that I had been accepted into an MBA program.  So I start taking classes in September. Something I decided I wanted to pull the trigger on back in December.

And then came Brian. His career is segmented to certain geographic areas it seems and everything we saw pointed to one particular section on the North Shore. An area I was happy to live in because I grew up nearby and it was close to the ocean. My work-at-home means we cater more to his job location/desire to not commute much.

Last weekend, we relocated my err our cats to Massachusetts to live with my parents. The timing just made sense since we were hoping to find a place, sign a lease and not be up there again until we moved. Unfortunately, we found nothing and we came back to CT disappointed.

Everything took a significant turn for the better yesterday. Brian interviewed for, was offered a job and accepted yesterday. The kicker is that the job is not at all in the area we were looking last weekend. We were looking Southeast of my parents, now job is Northwest of them, closer to NH border. The good news is we have different towns to focus on, and we have appointments set up for looking this weekend.

Moving onward and upward (literally). Now we just have to find a way to pack up everything.

And not to worry, I have investigated running clubs and found a Groupon for Barre + Pilates classes in our new locale. Running isn’t going as expected, but more to come on that at a later date.



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