See You Later…

2014 was full of many ups and downs. More downs than ups it seems looking back over the year.

I vowed to make some changes in 2014, but got a little overwhelmed with some life-changing events and decisions. I did opt to defer starting my MBA program in the fall which was a really wise decision.

Running was a major low for me this past year. My injury isn’t easy to snap back from because it isn’t just an injury per se. And my mileage was at an all-time low (I’m sure, although I didn’t track it). I’ve learned to really appreciate the good runs (and really all non-painful miles) through all the hip woes this year.

30 so far is not my favorite age but I have another 9 months or so to turn it around. And I plan to do just that.

I’m grateful to have great people in my life that listen when I need them to, wipe away my tears, and give great hugs. There is nothing better than having a great support system.

And my motto for 2015? See below. Making scary things happen…




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