Looking Ahead

With a new year often comes new goals and a fresh start. Really you can start fresh at anytime, a new year is just seemingly the most convenient time to do so.

2014 wasn’t a great year for me…and although looking back is at times counterproductive and useless, there are takeaways for certain.

Last year at this time, I was slowly building my mileage base, breaking in my YakTrax while considering a spring marathon and very much looking forward to running the Wineglass Marathon in the fall. And then everything fell apart, and I did too…at least for a little while.

Just under 11 months after I cried in pain up and down every darn hill of a 20K race, I’ve learned a lot about my own strength and character. I’ve also learned to stop pushing my recovery and to do everything according to my own timeline. What I dealt with (and still deal with) is a complex situation and while I may be about 85% improved from the injury itself, my trochanteric bursitis is here to stay. It’s the reason I “may have to give up running for life” which is why I’m being smart. And why I’ll continue to do so.


I’ve come a long way.  I can sit at my desk without wincing from the pain. I can run hills again! I discovered my love for the bike as a result of the injury. And even bought a road bike (who am I?). I returned to a regular Pilates and barre practice. I faced my huge flipping fear of needles to endure 3 sessions of acupuncture.

And in the spirit of “keeping it real”, 2014 absolutely shattered my self-confidence and self-worth. I saw it coming but couldn’t manage to avoid the head-on collision. Along with everything else, I seemingly lost my stubborn nature and my mental strength.

So this year, I have goals. And zero of them involve a time. My biggest goal is to love to run again. I do love to run, but it’s not the same as it was. I need to fix that part of my heart, so I can then fix my head. I need to be a stubborn mentally strong runner again.

A few weeks ago, I reached out to a physical therapy practice and am working with them to correct issues with my gait. My right hip, glutes and a weak core are the focus areas we are working to correct. Clamshells, foam roller marching, Jane Fondas, all the bridges and other exercises (with less memorable names) are my new normal. Astym, heat, myofascial release, icing and Graston are back in my life as well.

This week I start yet another chapter in my running story. I start working with a team of coaches in order to improve both my mental and physical strength. The program consists of an indoor (or outdoor) track session, a strength workout geared towards runners and a lactate threshold/tempo workout weekly.

This program is through the running club I joined a few months ago. Part of the reason I joined was to meet new people but once I learned about the coaching programs, it was a given that I would participate. The coaches are all certified through USATF and/or RRCA like I am, but I really need to not be my own coach for a while. I think it is 100% in my best interest to take a step back from being in control of every facet of my own training.

So group workouts, a customized plan and hopefully a return to a place where I love to run, fight like hell through the toughest conditions and feel good about myself again. It’s sure to be an uphill battle, but I’ve always been a hell of an underdog!

The beauty of goals is that there is always something to reach for. So soon after I get my running mojo back, I may just try for a sub-20 5K. Or a sub-3 hour marathon. Or run my first 100 miler

I always like hearing about others’ goals…what are you shooting for this year?

P.S. this two blog posts in under a week thing? Pure fluke…so lower your expectations 🙂



5 thoughts on “Looking Ahead

  1. kelly says:

    You didn’t lose your mental tough, you had to find smarter mental tough….pushing through is not always right.you will f2f ind v as lance and your live again


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