Reflecting and Daring…

One of my intentions for 2016 is to reflect more, and have the courage to change the things that make me unhappy or merit change of some sort. Sounds vague, yeah?

2015 was all over the place… I started a new job in June and started working outside of the house for the first time in 18 months. It was a HUGE change and unfortunately has not been one that I have adapted well to or enjoyed. And yes, this is a public blog and my boss and I have had MANY discussions about this very topic.

Also in June, our landlord forced our hand and would not allow us to commit to anything but a year lease, so we vacated our place on July 31st and moved in with my parents. WHAT? Yes. We crazy. But also we knew that we needed the freedom to move on a house if one became available and didn’t want to be stuck in a lease/paying rent and with a mortgage payment at the same time. The commute from both of our jobs was slightly better from their house so we leaped. We found a house in early October, the sellers were pains in the behind, our realtor is a saint and we closed the week of Thanksgiving with ZERO delays despite the new mortgage regulations that really didn’t allow anyone to close in the 30 day timeframe or without any delays.

It was 100% worth it to move in with my parents for 4 months and we love our home. It’s in a perfect spot for us – walking distance to coffee shops, banks, the library and so close to so much conservation land (TRAILS!) and the beach but also has the basement we wanted for the workout space, a very manageable lot to maintain and a big deck for spring/summer/fall fun. Yes it needs some updating (the previous owners did a lot) but it was built circa 1900 and has so much charm…it is very much a home, not a house.

My running last year went through more downs than ups, the injury rehab was going great with the PT until I started my new job and didn’t have the flexibility to drive 2 hours round trip + appointment time to see him 2x a month. I was in a running rut for much of last year, I think something just had to give with all the changes and it was running. I wasn’t going to force it, I let it come and ran when I wanted to and didn’t when I didn’t. I signed up for a few races I didn’t run and got a renewed sense of freedom on the trails. I bonded with the bike trainer and finally got the road bike on the road (and am still scared by distracted drivers). I got infinitely better with crosstraining in general and know that I’ve developed better habits and become stronger as a result. Am I faster? Negative, but that’s okay with me – I’m so prone to injury and so very imbalanced that taking the time to crosstrain and “do the little things” was the right choice.

And where does that leave me now? In October, I bit the bullet and signed up for my first triathlon in June. Not just any triathlon – but a 70.3: swim 1.2 miles, bike 56 miles, run 13.1 miles. Gulp. I am not a swimmer – as I child I had a near-drowning accident at the age of 3. As a result, I could swim but never with much ease or grace and was very much someone who enjoyed treading water or doing the doggy paddle or some half-assed stroke. I took swim lessons a few years ago to become an efficient swimmer and test out the idea of a triathlon but was stuck in a class with people that were legitimately terrified of water. So I’m biting the bullet and just doing it. I’m looking into private lessons or small group lessons with others that can swim but need help with breathing and stroke improvement. The bike is something I know I can do – I’m anxious on the roads but enjoy it when I get going and really don’t mind putting in the time on the trainer. As for the run, I’ve got that and it will be just come down to working on my nutrition and working more on running off the bike.

2016 is the year of courage. It is the year that I challenge myself and do things that make me nervous in order to be happier, live life to the fullest and make positive improvements in my life. It is the year I spend more time on the trails, and live my life by my own rules and not anyone else’s. 2016 is the year I put myself out there more, pick up the phone more and try to live my life more in the present (I can’t be the only one who wishes they were still in college, right?).

I’ll leave you with these words of wisdom, cheers to a great 2016!




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