Reflecting on the Last Six Months

The last time I blogged I was basebuilding for my first 70.3 (or triathlon of any distance). The short of the very long update goes a little something like this: I struggled to have energy for workouts, got bloodwork, got diagnosed with mono + low iron + low ferritin, had knee problem and return of plantar fasciitis, withdrew from 70.3 and got refund.

Since I withdrew from the 70.3 I’ve felt a huge sense of relief, I was just struggling to make myself get into a pool (I never did), I felt pretty low about my motivation, couldn’t find a running shoe that worked and couldn’t figure out why I was so lazy. In retrospect it all makes sense but I really was feeling so down.

And then I lost my job in May. I had been joking about “being a stay at home cat mom” and honestly struggled most days not to quit. The atmosphere was horrible, the respect I was given was abysmal, I cried probably 2 times a week over how miserable it was/I was…the only thing that kept me going was that job means the ability to do house improvements. No job = no new hardwood floors. I started to realize that what they were charging for me on contracts and what I was making wasn’t nearly enough (especially with the benefits I had). I also knew that they had given me significantly more (15%+) than the guy I was replacing. Company is huge on interns from both high school and college and I thought that eventually the interns I was teaching would take over my responsibilities. And that’s precisely what happened  (there was a lower level department member as well who shared responsibilities with me). A relief? Sure. But was being down to 1 income ideal? No. Am I happier? Hell yes.

So I’m working on my long-term goals. I got certified as a Spinning® Instructor, am studying for my Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) exam and am working on moving in a different career direction – currently keeping my options open but I know what I DON’T want to do.

Most importantly, I finally got something I’ve been wanting for 10 long years!

Introducing Maecy

I always said once I had a house and a yard I would get a dog. Brian and I had been talking about getting a dog this upcoming fall, but once I lost my job it just started to make sense to fast track the dog since I’d be able to be home and work with her, get her adjusted to the cats, etc… She came to us from a local rescue but she was brought up from a partner rescue organization in Mississippi, seemingly feral until she was hit by a car in mid-May. Maecy was used to very rural Mississippi life, had a foster home with 11 dogs and 2 cats but seemingly very little exposure to people. She wasn’t flagged a dog who was afraid of people, but she is terrified – thankfully she has accepted Brian and I as part of her pack (dog trainer lingo, not ours) but a major work-in-progress with others. Walks aren’t worth the anxiety for her and we try to take her to the trails during off-hours but we will be working extensively with a dog trainer to teach her that people can be trusted. We really don’t want her to be afraid and we want her to be a dog we can take with us everywhere so we see it as a worthwhile investment. Not what we were expecting at all, but until she proves to be a bad fit for our house (aggressive/vicious) we will work with her. Really she is an absolute love of a dog, so very sweet and loving and we hope to be able to show that side of her to everyone else. Proof that nothing is ever what it seems to be…



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