Just Show Up!

Well three months came and went like that *snaps fingers* – I am a horribly inconsistent blogger but I did actually start 3 posts since I last blogged. So that counts for something, maybe?

I don’t even know where to begin, so let’s start with exciting news! I applied for Tri Equal’s Equally Inspiring program, an initiative designed to get more women into triathlon, and was selected! What does that mean? You can read more here but essentially I receive 3 months of coaching to support me on my triathlon journey.

Perhaps this sounds a little like déjà vu? I had started training for my first triathlon (a 70.3) last year. Well it didn’t happen, but I am in a much better place now than I was at the start of that training cycle. My iron and ferritin levels are up (ferritin was at a 12, my iron was obviously extremely deficient as well) and it’s incredible how different I feel in terms of energy and overall fatigue. I kept trying to train and kicking myself for being lazy or unmotivated, but it turns out it was completely outside of my control. I also had mono earlier this year but it went undiagnosed (antibodies were present in bloodwork) because I just thought it was winter blahs and general life fatigue. I was in a car accident in March, which affected my back more than I admitted to at the time. 

Lesson learned: if something doesn’t feel right, something isn’t right. Go see your doctor!

But here we go, I’ll be working with Jana Richtrova from e3 Triathlon Coaching and really looking forward to getting that kicked off! We’ve already had a lengthy discussion and I’m working on my cycling and run basebuilding on my own right now. Jana and I will work together for the 3 months leading directly up to my race. She is an incredible triathlete and coach and I feel very fortunate to have her in my corner!

I will get into the pool in January (someone hold me to it!) and will register for my goal race when registration opens on January 1st. Jana and I agreed that the best race option for me would be an Olympic triathlon, and upon completion I’ll be set up to either train for a 70.3 or make my return to the marathon in the fall. I am still working through some funky foot problems but Altras have really helped and am so cautious right now about running when things don’t feel right. I am probably being too cautious but I really don’t want another setback. 

My goal race is the Mass State Triathlon on July 7th. It’s a .9 mile swim, 22 mile bike and a 6.2 mile run. I have a lot of work to do between now and then (particularly with the swim) but I am certainly more than capable of doing it.

In the meantime, I’ve registered for both a 10K and 10 miler in March, am looking at a few 1 mile open water swims, a duathlon, and indoor and sprint triathlons as well. I have been taking a weekly Pilates Reformer class, as well as doing strength workouts 2x a week and yoga. I’m the most balanced I’ve ever been with my fitness regime and I kind of love it a lot! 

And if you live local and want to swim with me, please reach out! Forcing myself to the pool when it’s cold AF out in the winter is no small feat! I am not a swimmer. I need accountability and motivation, and to be honest the pool stresses me out. The pool and I have a complicated relationship. It’s a mental thing, and I’m working on it. 

But here goes. 

Just show up. Commit every day to do what you can. Nothing happens overnight. It’s worth it. Overcome. Endure. Push your limits. Cumulative progress, the desire to be better and do better. Relentless. Forward. Progress. Just keeping showing up. And never give up.



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