2016 In Review

2016 was a dumpster fire of a year in a lot of ways (hi we elected Donald Trump as President of the United States) but a decent year of personal and professional growth for me.

And without further ado, a recap list (so Type A of me). Events that made an impact on my life, in some way – some small, some not so small.

  • I lost my job. (Never easy but as cliche as it sounds, a definite blessing)
  • We rescued a 7 month old puppy. And the cats took it in stride!
  • I starting trained for my first 70.3 and subsequently got diagnosed with low iron, ferritin, and mono. Lost a lot of time in training and gave up my spot to someone on the waiting list.
  • I was in my first ever car accident. And got upgraded to a BMW 3 series as a rental for a few weeks.
  • Bought a pair of Dion running snowshoes and my first real mountain bike (a Cannondale, not the “mountain bike” of my youth – hey there Huffy!)
  • Home improvements: fencing, and then more fencing, new lights in basement, backyard and electrical outlets in workout room, sod laid in front lawn and landscaping done in backyard and we laid down flooring ourselves in the workout room. (Much more new flooring to come in 2017!)
  • I started a Master of Science in Marketing program. A career change that had been a long time coming, but I finally got over myself (and my fear of having any college loans) and went for it.
  • Went to Fenway Park for two games, and sat in the Green Monster seats for the first time ever (it was terrifying if you are afraid of heights, FYI).img_20160917_144359
  • Traveled a minimal amount, which is sad and will be amended in 2017.
  • Discovered some new trails to run and bike.
  • Got a grill (named Hank the Tank) and discovered the magic that is grilled pizza.
  • We bought a lot of power tools and built some basement shelving, a planter and  built (and rebuilt twice!) a firepit and a bench to go with it!
  • I discovered a new appreciation for yoga and took my first sunrise yoga class.
  • After years of talking about it, I finally got certified to teach Spinning.img_20160524_180931
  • Swing chair for reading and ice coffee drinking purchased!imag2173_1
  • I also beat Brian at mini golf for the first time in our 4+ years together.img_20160521_185712
  • My run coaching business had some substantial growth. New clients hitting some big milestones and enjoying success is really why I do it. And if you (or anyone you know) is looking for some guidance, please reach out to me jill@atimetoruncoaching.com
  • I also surpassed my goal of reading 18 books for the year, and as of yesterday had read (the below) 26 books in 2016. Not bad considering my reading tanked when grad school started!


The last book I read (10-Minute Toughness by Jason Selk) raised a really good point that I’ll leave you (and 2016 with). When you’re faced with a problem or situation that you feel hopeless about, ask yourself “What is one thing I can do that could make this better?” Small steps my friends.

Adieu 2016!



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