2017 Goals and Intentions

From time to time, this blog will contain affiliate links. These links help offset the cost of the blog and help me maintain this tiny little space on the internet. Thanks for understanding.

Try a new activity each month (alone or with others).

Start saying yes to opportunities I usually say no to because they make me anxious or uncomfortable. Discomfort = growth. (Inspired by Shonda Rhimes book Year of Yes: How to Dance It Out, Stand In the Sun and Be Your Own Person – affiliate link)

Make at least one new recipe every month. (Hello Fresh meals do not count for this)

Use my planner. I love my InkwellPress Planner (affiliate link with $10 off offer) and it is setup so well to work on goals, track milestones, plan travels…but I lose steam. Goal is to spend time each week reviewing and writing in it, with more time spent the last weekend of the month to work on the next month’s Mission Board.

Make time for meditation. Yoga, coloring books, taking a bubble bath, legs up the wall, and using the Calm app are all ways I plan to achieve this.

Read 33 books this year. Why not? I read 26 last year and I’m turning 33 this year. Game on!

Run 1300 miles. Bike 2017 miles. Swim 100 miles. Still working on my race schedule for this year (Fall marathon? Fall 70.3? Neither?) but my A goal is the Olympic triathlon in July so basing this off of that.  Just guidelines, mileage is never make or break for me and not hitting any of these targets won’t make me feel like I failed.

Stay injury free. My last few years have been garbage. I got injured, suffered some setbacks and then just lost the motivation and confidence to train. I am a smarter runner (and coach) than I was two years ago, and all the downtime has given me a lot of clarity. The little things are the big things with running. Self-care is my #1 and I won’t stray from that just to get the miles in. I will stick to monthly massages, I wear Correct Toes, I will use the Trigger Point ball and do whatever else it takes. I will continue to take a Reformer class once a week and strength train 1-2 times a week in addition. This spring I will visit my favorite Physical Therapist (who is well over an hour drive each way) to get a functional movement assessment done. And I will be diligent with doing whatever “weird” exercises he prescribes – prehab!

Stop doubting my own abilities. This one is really the kicker and will take time, but I need to start being kinder to myself and know that I’m worth it and deserve good things. I don’t believe this will be achieved this year because the last few years haven’t been easy on me. And to be honest, I’m not foolish enough to think come 2018 I’ll be a completely confident human being. Good things take time.

Make things happen. I have a lot of dreams for the business side of my life, partnerships I want to pursue and the like. They’ve been in the works for some time but I haven’t taken any meaningful and actionable steps towards achieving them. So time to make some lists, come up with action items and a timeline, and make those contacts happen. What’s the worst that can happen? {#vagueblogging sorry}



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