Friday Faves

Hellllllllo how are you?

Clearly still a terribly unconsistent blogger, but I’m trying. There are a lot of items I’ve been loving later and I figured I’d share.

None of the links contained in this post are affiliate links.

  1. Altras are a zero drop running sneaker that I have been using since October. They allow for a natural foot splay and don’t cram all your toes into a space that is far too small. I have one foot that pitches a fit with a lot of shoes, and is constantly changing preferences on me. It’s the foot that has always had injuries and it has been really particular the last few years. I’m currently running in the Impulse, Provision, and Escalante.
  2. Podcasts. I’m usually a music over podcasts (all day every day) but lately I’ve been drawn to podcasts. I listen to them while taking a bath, cycling, writing a paper, etc… not while running but that’s just a personal preference. My current favorites: How I Built This, Happier, and Run To the Top.
  3. SwimOutlet has been a game changer for me. I’m not even entirely sure who I have become but I go swimming and enjoy it. I also really love a good deal and am obsessed with the grab bag deals they have and Dolfin Uglies grab bag in particular. I love the fit of the Uglies and although not one for surprises usually, I love not knowing what pattern will show up at my door!
  4. Beer. I am a very particular beer drinker (IPAs are all gross!) but have recently fallen in love with gose and sour beers. My favorite sour is Stupid Silly Sour and the favorite gose of the moment is Blood Orange Gose.
  5. Oofos. I cannot afford to be a cheap flip flop person, so when the need for locker room/pool shoes arose I turned to Oofos. They’re considered to be recovery footwear, but for me having a waterproof sandal with arch support is critically important. I’ll test the real recovery properties of them once my tougher blocks of training start in April. Currently basebuilding the bike and run, and for swimming just working on technique more than distance.

What are you loving lately?
Do you have any good podcasts to recommend?

Happy Friday!


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