You Are On Your Way…

It’s hard sometimes to commit to make a big change or train for a big event. It takes commitment, self-confidence and a plan. It can be daunting and overwhelming, and doesn’t always go according to plan.

But you show up and have just taken that first step towards achievement. You are on your way. That step is important.

I’ve been going to the same Y for a few months now to swim, and I never noticed this staircase until today. I needed to see it today. I’d venture that many of us need this reminder on a regular basis.

My swimming isn’t going how I’d like it to go or thought it would go. I’m not committing to the pool enough to make it go my way. I’ve made progress with my stroke technique and breathing, but the comfort level and endurance I expected by now isn’t there. It’s on me, and I know that and get down on myself about it regularly.

It stops now. I either show up and make progress, or don’t show up and can’t berate myself for not making it a priority.

Right now I’m running 3-4x a week, cycling 2-3x a week, swimming 1x a week, attending Reformer class 1x a week, and strength training 1-2x a week. Many days are doubles, occasionally there is a triple just to get in a rest day or two (yes, sometimes I take two rest days a week!).

This training is not nothing, but I don’t need a pat on the back for doing it. Time management isn’t my strongest skill right now (curse this flexibility I have right now with school + work). I also have zero idea how to really manage this multisport training, but I’m trying.

Thankfully I only have to fake pretending I know how to manage it for another month. I start working with my Equally Inspiring coach Jana next month. She is an incredible triathlete, and has so much knowledge to share. I’m really ecstatic to have her in my corner.

I’m on my way, you probably are too. So don’t be that hard on yourself!

What is your biggest struggle with reaching your most important goal?

Do you have a coach?
-If so, what is the best thing they have done for you?
-If not, what would you hire a coach to help you with?



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